Hotel Vartiosaari

Hotel Vartiosaari

Finnish Sauna Experiences

Sauna is the most important thing in Finnish culture. In Hotel Vartiosaari you have the opportunity to enjoy a Finnish Sauna Experience. Our staff will guide you to enjoy your private sauna time with your family and friends. Upgrade your sauna experience with nature yoga or wild herb sauna treatments!

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Traditional Riverside Sauna

Our riverside sauna is the most typical type of the traditional saunas. The stove is heated with wood and water is heated in a big pot next to it. We use basins and ladles for washing. There is also a small changing room and a fenced terrace where you can cool off between the heats while admiring the beautiful river sceneries. The sauna is suitable for up to 6 people at once.

Delicious sauna snacks and refreshing drinks can be ordered to the saunas.

Riverside sauna booking also includes the use of the hotel sauna’s shower room and changing room.

Hotel Sauna

The spacious hotel sauna with an electric-heated stove is suitable for about 10 people at once. The sauna also has a shower room, cosy fireplace room and two toilets. The use of the sauna is included in your hotel room rate. A private sauna hour is reserved for each room: just book your own sauna time from our staff.


1.4.-31.11. 490 EUR/group

1.11.-30.3. 550 EUR/group

Prices include use of sauna (3h), max group size 30 pax, bathrobes and towels, washing liquids.
Wild herb sauna treatments, yoga programmes, sauna snacks and drinks for an extra fee.